DC Fans Celebrate As Robin Comes Out As Bisexual In New Batman Comic

Robin Tim Drake

Tim Drake, a long-term and beloved member of the Bat-family, has come out as bisexual. Originally created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick in 1989 as the third Robin, Drake briefly took his own surname as his superhero alias in recent times before resuming the mantle of Robin in 2020. The latest major development to his character occurred in this week’s Batman: Urban Legends #6, which sees Tim come to a realization about his sexuality.

Drake stars in the story “Sum of Our Parts,” from writer Meghan Fitzmartin, artist Belén Ortega, colorist Alejandro Sánchez and letterer Pat Brosseau. The third and concluding chapter in #6 sees Robin saving Bernard from being sacrificed to the Chaos Monsters. While fighting alongside him, Tim has a “lightbulb moment” and, later on, as a civilian, he agrees to go on a date with him.

This now makes Tim the very first Robin to be openly queer, so this is a pretty big deal. And DC fans are celebrating the development on social media, with many losing their minds at Drake coming out as bi.

It’s canon, people.

You could say folks are excited.

It’s already a great day for Tim fans. 

It means a lot to a lot of people.

A beautiful moment.

In fact, this is a pretty great week to be a Tim Drake fan overall as the young hero is just about to make his long-awaited live-action debut in Titans season 3, as played by British actor Jay Lycurgo – who also has a small role in The Batman. The streaming series is likewise adding Savannah Welch as fellow Bat-family member Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle this season. Don’t miss the opening episode of the 13-part run when it lands on HBO Max this Thursday, August 12th.

Batman: Urban Legends #6 is on sale now.