7 Things To Expect From DC’s Rebirth Year 2


In May 2016, DC Comics launched its Rebirth – a new comic book era that’s reshaped the DC Universe. Kicked off by Geoff Johns in DC Universe – Rebirth #1, the initiative has redefined pretty much every comic across the range.

It’s been a tremendous success so far, too, as comic book sales have skyrocketed to a level not seen in 20 years, and DC’s market share has increased dramatically. In creative terms, individual books have been stronger than ever. Even when creative teams have stayed the same, the quality of the books has drastically improved.

But here’s the catch; Rebirth isn’t an event, it’s an era. As far back as that first issue, DC planted seeds that are still yet to grow. That means, even as we look forward to the next year in comics, there are still clues that are yet to be explored and questions and hints that give us a sense of what’s to come.

On that note, join us as we take a look at 7 things that we can expect from the future of DC’s Rebirth!