DC Rebirth’s 9 Best Moments So Far

Batman Pops The Big Question

Despite being the ultimate badass in everything he does, the Dark Knight hasn’t been so lucky in the love department. A Mrs. Wayne has always seemed like a foreign concept to poor old Bruce – that is until Batman #24.

While the issue might be a bit too sappy for most ardent fans, the reveal at the end is a big one, which makes it unforgettable. Finally, after decades of a cat-and-bat game, Bruce goes down on one knee and asks Selina Kyle (Catwoman) to be his wife. And of course the Bat-Signal has to be in the background to make sure this will be a popular wallpaper and poster for Caped Crusader fans.

The Bat and the Cat have been bumping uglies for years now, so it’s good to see them make each other honest for a change. Whether the actual wedding takes place or not is another story altogether. It’s entirely possible this could turn into a soapie romance where they get married thirty-three times and their children age faster than them.

Two Supermen Become One

If you’re a Man of Steel fan, we don’t blame you for being confused when Rebirth rolled out. First, there were two Supermen, then one died, and then another appeared. Huh? We wouldn’t be surprised if you thought it was some clone saga or whatever, because it sure appeared like one.

While not all the mysteries have been solved to date, the moment when the two Supermen of different worlds become one in Action Comics #976 stands out as a powerful image in Rebirth. Considering how it’s Jon Kent’s influence that leads to it, it’s even more resonating and remarkable. Let’s be honest here: the little tyke has grown on us a lot over the past year.

On a separate but related note, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have written up a storm on Superman, dishing up a plethora of iconic stories and memories. With two Supes’ titles providing such enviable quality, it’s a good time to be a supporter of Big Blue and co.