DC Releases Rebirth Trailers Highlighting Batman, Superman And More


Despite The New 52’s success, DC’s reboot of its line of books divided the fanbase, causing many to believe that the publisher’s rich history had been jettisoned in order to make way for a darker, more Christopher Nolan-esque universe. Then, to the delight of many, Geoff Johns spearheaded the Rebirth initiative that kicked off last June and brought back the sense of optimism some felt had been lost in addition to embracing more classical elements.

Now that we’re deep into the relaunch, the time has come to start rolling out the first wave of collected editions. In order to help get the word out, they’ve cut a handful of trailers that feature artwork from various series and pull quotes related to each. Leading the pack, obviously, is Batman.

It comes as no surprise to us that DC’s favorite golden goose garner much attention, given the sales figures of Batman, Detective Comicsand All-Star Batman. Since last summer, much has happened to the Dark Knight. From taking on a new sidekick in Duke Thomas to dealing with the “death” of Tim Drake, life hasn’t been easy for Gotham’s top vigilante.

Next up, we come to a trailer focusing on the Superman family of titles, which DC seems to be pretty proud of. And we have to admit that all praise directed toward the likes of Dan Jurgens, Peter J. Tomasi, and Pat Gleason is well deserved because books centered on the Man of Steel haven’t been this good in some time. In fact, I would go as far to say that they’re some of my most anticipated reads each month.

Moving on, the third promo touts various titles but mostly centers on Bryan Hitch’s relaunch of Justice League. Joined by artist Tony S. Daniel, this opening arc saw some of the most iconic superheroes unite to combat god-like creatures.

Finally, Suicide Squad is given a bit of hype. This comes as no surprise given the success of the recent movie, but much credit should be given to the creative team of Rob Williams and Jim Lee, who utilized the same lineup seen on the silver screen yet managed to tell a very different story.

All hardcovers seen in the videos above – be they Batman or otherwise – are strategically dropping from January through May. Be sure to visit your local comic shop or bookseller to keep up with the latest releases.