DC Signs Javier Fernandez And Jorge Jimenez To Exclusivity Deals

Seeing as how we’re coming up on a year since DC launched its Rebirth initiative, it only makes sense they continue to secure top talent in an effort to assure they put out the best comic books possible. And when you take into account that many of their most popular titles ship twice-monthly, they especially need to make sure they have enough artists on deck. That being said, the publisher proudly announced that Javier Fernandez (Nightwing) and Jorge Jimenez (Super Sons) have been the latest to ink exclusivity deals.

To elaborate, both gentlemen will create content for only DC and its mature imprint, Vertigo, for an undisclosed period of time. There’s no word as to which titles they will work on beyond this point, but it’s certainly exciting to wonder.

As for Fernandez, he couldn’t contain his jubilation when reflecting on his recent work, which included designing Dick Grayson’s new costume (concept art can be seen in the gallery above):

“Nightwing! How could I not be excited when I was asked to work on something like that. When DC asked me to redesign one of the most iconic costumes, I knew exactly what Nightwing would look like. Professionally, it’s hard to find something that I have been looking forward to more than the chance to create stories in Gotham with one of the most beloved characters at DC. I love my job.”

When it comes to Jimenez, it sounds like this deal didn’t take long for him to ponder. Not only that, but he reminisced on how he got to where he is:

“DC has made me feel at home over the years. I remember my first work on the Fringe series. I was extremely nervous but also very excited; I wanted to prove that I wasn’t just passing through, that I had come to stay, and to eventually realize my dream to draw Superman. Now time has passed, my projects with DC have been increasingly important, and I’ve not only seen the day when I’m drawing Superman, but this year I had the opportunity to design Superman’s son. The fan reaction has been incredible. Thank you!”

Tell us, which books do you see these two working on down the line aside from Nightwing and Super Sons? Sound off in the usual place below!