DC Unveils A New Red Arrow In Green Arrow #15

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While it’s understandable that DC Entertainment make Green Arrow a higher priority these days given the success of the hit CW television series Arrow, not many of us foresaw Oliver Queen’s comic book exploits becoming one of the best titles the publisher has put out since the Rebirth initiative kicked off last June.

Although the current run has familiar elements like Black Canary and some ties to the TV show like John Diggle, it’s very much a different beast. The Green Arrow himself is less Bruce Wayne-like in behavior and, well, more like Oliver Queen, as he should be. Those who love his social justice warrior quality made popular by the legendary creative team of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams have had much to enjoy from the current take.

Much of the credit can be given to Benjamin Percy, who has reinvigorated the character like few others ever have. It certainly helps that he’s had the assistance of some incredible artists along the way such as Otto Schmidt, Stephen Byrne and, my personal favorite, Juan Ferreyra, who manages to make every page he contributes look like it’s worthy of being hung in a museum.


Just this week in the pages of Green Arrow #15, a new change to the status quo was made when none other than Ollie’s sister, Emiko, emerged at the last second to declare herself as Red Arrow. Said moniker was adopted by Roy Harper in the pre-New 52 days and on the beloved animated series Young Justice, in addition to having Arrow’s Thea Queen proposing that as her code name only to have her big brother swiftly shoot it down.

What this means for the immediate future of the title is an exciting prospect. Emi’s relationship with the titular hero has been a bit rocky in the past year, so there should be no shortage of drama to follow. But with Oliver recently having his life upended in every way possible, he could certainly use all the help he can get.

Green Arrow #15 is now available in comic shops.

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