Deadpool Creator Thinks DC Comics Are Driving Off A Cliff


Say what you want about movies based on DC Comics properties, but they’ve put out some pretty good stuff on the publishing side of things in recent years. After all, that whole “Rebirth” push back in 2016 reignited the brand in a creative sense and made for countless entertaining reads.

Still, the fact remains that comics don’t rake in as much money as movies or other various forms of merchandise. Plus, there’s been much discussion of too much editorial oversight (remember Batman: Damned #1 and the whole penis fiasco?) and AT&T throwing around their weight since coming into the picture. Much of this is a conversation for another date, sure, but Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld decided to boldly Tweet the following in response to what’s been going on:

“DC Comics gonna drive off a cliff here real soon…..gotta get my popcorn.”

On the surface, DC is putting out some great content, but the big guns have taken some time getting here. The aforementioned Batman: Damned has endured some brutal delays, mostly due to backpedaling on the mature branding originally set in place. The rest of the Black Label stamp as a whole took nearly a year to roll out after being hyped at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. But on the plus side, we now have Batman: Last Knight on Earth in full swing, with Superman: Year One, Batman: Curse of the White Knight and Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity soon to follow.

Admittedly, that’s a lot of reliance on Batman (no complaints here), but stuff like that fueled another comment from the industry legend:

“I ain’t never seen a company in as much disarray as DC Comics. Thank God they have Batman to act as their Tylenol, Asprin, laughing gas… ‘more Batman will fix it!'”

Naturally, this snowballed into much discussion on Liefeld’s Twitter page. Apparently, he doesn’t care who he pisses off, saying:

“I understand my DC honesty will cost me a potential opportunity but who cares! C’mon… they should fire everybody in management and refresh. Batman will still be there for the next group. And Jim Lee could finally draw the X-Men for you again!!! Wins all around!!”

Though Rob is certainly entitled to voice his opinion, we invite you to do the same in the comments section below. Do you agree with him in saying DC Comics requires some new blood? Or do you think they should stay on course? Let us know.