Details Surrounding Wolverine’s Resurrection Are Coming To Light


After appearing in those “post-credits scenes” for a few months, it appears as though we’re finally ready to get to the meat of the story when it comes to Wolverine‘s return. Having officially arrived back in the Marvel Universe last fall, the mere presence of the mutant confounded True Believers because when we last saw him, he’d given up the ghost in 2014’s aptly tilted Death of Wolverine.

Of course, we still have many, many things to learn when it comes to why Logan is up and about, but at least we now know why he’s not encased in adamantium. If you’ll recall, he was covered in the metallic substance in the closing moments of the aforementioned Death of Wolverine, thus making for what we thought of as being a conclusive ending for the icon.

As it turns out, we have Kitty Pryde to thank for this beautiful retcon that only the comic book medium can deliver. Explained in the pages of the newly launched The Hunt for Wolverine, we learn of how she phased through the adamantium casing to retrieve her fallen comrade’s body. Soon after, she and the X-Men buried him in secrecy.

Wolverine and Kitty Pryde

What’s more is that they kept up the lie of his corpse being in the makeshift statue, but they had good reason. As you could imagine, Logan’s DNA would become a hot commodity amongst supervillains, so it only made sense that they maintain the illusion that his remains were within reach.

Still, we have so much more to find out, so we advise that you continue reading anything that falls under The Hunt for Wolverine banner in the coming weeks, with the first installment now being available in comic shops.