Detective Comics #955 Review

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Sergio Pereira

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On April 26, 2017
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James Tynion IV pumps Detective Comics #955 full of so much action that you won't know if this is still Batman or JCVD.

Detective Comics #955 Review

This review contains minor spoilers.

“League of Shadows” has been one long arc. There’ve been a lot of twists and turns, but it’s starting to feel like a never-ending story. Now, in part five of six, James Tynion IV sets the wheel in motion for the forthcoming finale. He’s done a remarkable job here, because Detective Comics #955 is an action-packed spectacle that will satisfy fans of the Dark Knight’s ninja past.

With all the other members of the Bat Family incapacitated, it’s up to the youngest member, Cassandra Cain, to rescue them. Her biggest obstacle, though, is still her feelings towards her mother, Lady Shiva, and her own identity. As Cassandra tackles the League of Shadows on her own, Ulysses shows his latest weapon to combat the League to Colonel Kane. Needless to say, its sheer power could also kill the colonel’s daughter, Kate, and her team at the same time – but hey, no military ever thinks about a couple of casualties, right? Whether the weapon is used or not will be next issue’s mystery. Back to the action though, Cassandra channels her inner JCVD and fights her way through the League to save her friends. In the end, only Shiva stands in her path again; however, this time, Cassandra isn’t alone.

Undoubtedly, this issue’s biggest strength is the natural tension it creates. The narrative flows in such a way that the action never stops as Cassandra plows her way through the League. This doesn’t mean it’s all fisticuffs and roundhouse kicks, though, since other crucial elements of the story are scattered in between the brutal fight scenes. To be honest, I much prefer Tynion’s style than the monosyllable panel-by-panel approach that Tom King’s Batman has employed recently. This technique flows better and tells a stronger story.

On a negative note, the length of this storyline hasn’t helped its cause. It could’ve easily been cut by one issue, and the finale brought forward. While it’s fun to see the Bat Family take on the League, it’s beginning to drag much like the time when Oliver Queen battled the League for the entirety of season 3 of Arrow. It’s starting to feel like too much of the same, and that’s never good. A little bit of variety would be welcome right now.

Much of what I said about the quality of Marcio Takara’s artwork in Detective Comics #954 is applicable here as well. In summary, it’s good, but not great, saved mostly by Maiolo’s sensational coloring efforts once again. With each passing issue, I’m missing Christian Duce’s work on this book more and more.

Overall, Detective Comics #955 is an exciting precursor to next issue’s finale. The story might’ve been slightly handicapped by its own length and change of artist, but there’s still an anticipation to see Cassandra get one over on her despicable mother. Also, Ra’s al Ghul has been suspiciously quiet since the last issue, so will he perhaps play a role in the arc’s conclusion? We’ll have to wait and see.

Detective Comics #955 Review

James Tynion IV pumps Detective Comics #955 full of so much action that you won't know if this is still Batman or JCVD.