Is Domino Joining The Avengers?


Normally, when we think of the Avengers, the core made up by Iron Man, Thor and Captain America are among the first characters to spring to mind. But over the course of the past fifty or so years, we’ve seen other superheroes come through the door such as the Hulk, Wasp, Hawkeye and Doctor Strange.

Having said that, how would you feel if we told you Domino may soon be added to the pantheon?

Well, if X-Men editor Jordan D. White’s recent “XMenMonday” teasers posted on Twitter are the real deal, then it may end up coming to fruition. Among other cryptic hints regarding the future of the Marvel Universe, he shared a lone panel (seen below) that shows the lucky mutant herself saying, “Okay. Finally, I’m an Avenger.”

Let it also be known that White captioned the picture with “What;s (sic) this…? Is Domino also becoming an Avenger?” – so he’s really hammering home the point. Naturally, some are speculating this is in jest, but why bother joking about something like this? On top of that, said panel was posted under the reveal of Domino being confirmed as a member of Weapon X-Force, so she’s going to be busy girl, to say the least.

While this revelation may come as a shock to some, it really doesn’t surprise me. Don’t forget, the House of Ideas launched a new Domino solo series a few months back, in addition to the character receiving serious mainstream exposure via Deadpool 2‘s arrival in theaters.

Plus, one also must consider that though it may not seem outlandish to think of guys like Wolverine and Spider-Man as being Avengers, it was once regarded as charting bold new territory – not to mention naysayers citing Logan as an X-Man and Webhead as a loner. That said, it’s important to keep the books fresh, so why not make another atypical character one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

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