Exclusive Preview: Cain’s Deadly Game Continues In Savage Things #6

If anything, Vertigo continues to set the bar when it comes to mature comic book storytelling. Odds are that if you’ve ventured beyond DC’s usual standards, there’s at least something that’s captivated you at some point, be it V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing or Hellblazer. And while some may argue that the imprint’s best days are behind it, one need only open the pages of some of their greatest offerings in recent years such as New Romancer, The Sheriff of Babylon, The Dark & Bloody or Frostbite to prove naysayers wrong.

This year, Savage Things has kept the ball rolling, handily impressing us right out of the gate. The beauty of this particular series is that it can appeal to pretty much anybody who enjoys themselves a gripping thriller. Really, even if you don’t dig superheroes – and there are many comic book readers out there who don’t, believe it or not – this is something so grounded and intriguing that it wouldn’t surprise me if it one day found itself adapted to TV or film. Granted, this isn’t the first time I’ve paid this series such a compliment, but it doesn’t hurt for us to continue banging the drum in hopes of getting Hollywood big wigs to start paying attention.

Seriously, check out the official synopsis for issue #6 and then try telling us this doesn’t sound the slightest bit intriguing:

Cain has been murdering his way across New York City, and Abel has been one step behind him the whole time. As he and Kira take out the last of Black Forest’s thugs, and get nearer to Cain himself, they can’t help but think that maybe he’s been luring them to exactly where he wants them—which is far from where he’ll end up causing the worst damage.

With this limited series winding down (it’s slated to be an eight-issue run), we can promise that we’ll be on the edge of our seats along with the rest of you waiting to see what Cain has in store for Abel and Kira as the race toward the finale begins. So, be sure to venture out to your local comic shop when Savage Things #6 hits shelves next Wednesday, August 2.


Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa

Cover: John Paul Leon