The Flash Writer Confirms The Speedster Is Faster Than Superman


In most cases, comic book readers debate over which hero would win in a fistfight, but one argument that’s endured for decades has been that of who would reach the finish line first in a race between The Flash and Superman. Of course, this has been explored in everything from comics themselves to an episode of Superman: The Animated Series. Well, the mid-credits scene in Justice League did leave the victor to our imaginations, but let’s not forget about when Smallville showed Bart Allen (yes, Bart) leaving Clark Kent in the dust.

Making sure that modern audiences know what the deal is, Joshua Williamson, current writer of The Flash ongoing, has confirmed that, yes, nothing beats a Scarlet Speedster in a foot race. In addition to getting this point across in a recent issue, the scribe had this to say (via Screen Rant):

“I feel like it’s always been that way. I mean, that’s kind of The Flash’s thing, right? He’s the fastest man alive… it’s right there. I feel like we’ve all been saying it this whole time. I’m sure there are Superman fans that are disappointed, but I mean… Superman can do everything else. He’s Superman.”

In fact, the controversy doesn’t stop there, because if you picked up The Flash #50 this week, then you’re well aware of how Wally West has been revealed as being faster than even Barry Allen. To be clear, we’re talking about pre-Flashpoint Wally, not the Teen Titan currently known as Kid Flash.

In my view, that creative move will stir the pot even more because people will always argue over who’s the best Flash, Green Lantern, Robin, etc. Still, it’s not as absurd as when, say, we’re expected to swallow Cassandra Cain being a better martial artist than Batman. I mean, he’s Batman for crying out loud!

Getting back to the topic at hand, though, it’s highly recommended that you venture out to your local comic shop and buy a copy of The Flash #50 if you haven’t already. Not only does it set the groundwork for the title moving forward, but there’s a little surprise at the end that’s vital to the DC Universe as a whole, so be sure to check it out.