Francesco Francavilla Provides Monsters Unleashed Variant Covers


With less than a week to go until Monsters Unleashed officially kicks off, Marvel has no intention of allowing the hype train to lose any momentum. Having already released an eleven-page preview and making it the focus of their latest round of Marvel 101 videos, this latest bit of news is arguably the most exciting.

Anyone remotely familiar with the work of Francesco Francavilla is well aware that he’s in high demand these days, and rightfully so. His distinctive style and color palette can be seen regularly in the pages of Afterlife with Archie and, more recently, in a handsome-looking backup story included in All-Star Batman #6.

Given his talent working in the horror genre, Marvel tasked him with contributing variant covers to the Monsters Unleashed series, each of which have a classic movie poster vibe. A full listing and gallery can be glimpsed below.

  • Monstrom, The Dweller in the Black Swamp! (Monsters Unleashed #1)
  • It Crawls By Night! (Monsters Unleashed #2)
  • Return of the Martian! (Monsters Unleashed #3)
  • Zzutak! The Worst Menace The World Has Ever Known! (Monsters Unleashed #4)
  • The Creature from the Black Bog (Monsters Unleashed #5)

Monsters Unleashed #1 arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, January 18. In the meantime, Marvel has provided an official synopsis, which you can check out below:

Raining down from the skies, rising from the depths of the oceans and emerging from beneath the very Earth itself – monsters are invading and destroying everything in their path! The only thing that stands in their way is an army of the strongest super heroes in the Marvel Universe! But even they may not be enough to stop these towering titans! It’s all happening in MONSTERS UNLEASHED as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Champions, the X-Men, the Inhumans and more band together to stop complete and total annihilation!