It’s A Fresh Start For The Kingpin Of Crime In First Look At The Villain’s New Ongoing Series


Over the years, Wilson Fisk has established himself as one of the Marvel Universe’s most diabolical villains. After first appearing in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, the Kingpin of Crime went on to spend years terrorizing Daredevil and their battles would ultimately become the stuff of legend.

However, big changes are coming to the Kingpin’s world this February, as Marvel is launching a new, ongoing creative series from the team of writer Matthew Rosenberg and newcomer Ben Torres. Along with a huge batch of variant covers and preview pages, a synopsis for the series has been released which reveals that…Fisk is turning over a new leaf?!

The Kingpin is out for a clean start. Wilson Fisk returns to the city he loves with a new goal in mind—to make his mark as a titan of legitimate industry. First things first though, he’ll need to repair his public image. When Wilson Fisk makes a disgraced journalist an offer she can’t refuse, the spiraling saga of crime and betrayal begins anew. Sure, he’s out for a clean start. How long before his hands get dirty again?

While the villain may return to New York City with seemingly good intentions, it’s hard to believe that will last for long, especially as he looks to return to the top of the criminal food chain.

The character hasn’t been handled particularly well in recent years, so Marvel now returning him to his old ways sounds like a step in the right direction. The fact that he’s going to start off by trying to legitimize himself in the eyes of the public also promises that this tale will be a lot more interesting than it otherwise might have been.

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to seeing from the Kingpin‘s return? Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section down below.