Geoff Johns Offers Insight Into Doomsday Clock At San Diego Comic-Con

When “The Button” concluded a few months back, we were told to look forward to the next piece of the puzzleDoomsday Clock, which is set to play a major part in DC’s grand plan when it comes to the first two years’ worth of Rebirth storytelling.

As expected, we learned a bit more about this event series via the book’s writer, Geoff Johns, at San Diego Comic-Con. Admittedly, we’d like to have heard more, but with the first issue arriving on November 22, it’s understandable that the publisher still hold its cards close to its vest, likely dropping more breadcrumbs in the months to come.

What we do know, though, is that the Watchmen characters will be colliding with the most iconic ones the DC Universe proper has to offer. So, if you’ve been waiting to see how Doctor Manhattan factors into the greater scheme of things, prepare to be vindicated this fall.

In the corner opposite the all-powerful blue guy with a distaste for clothing will be someone who just so happens to favor blue clothing – Superman. According to DC, this story will be centered around the Man of Steel, and “it will start one year in the future from current DC continuity. The timelines will link up at the conclusion of the series where readers will see characters that have been affected by the events in Doomsday Clock.”

What’s also worth noting is that Doomsday Clock has been expanded to twelve issues, with planned breaks in March and August. So, while you wait, be sure to check out some of the first interior panels illustrated by Gary Frank and colored by Brad Anderson in the gallery above.

Source: DC Comics