Gotham City Garage Digital First Series Reimagines DC’s Biggest Icons

With characters such as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn currently enjoying so much mainstream popularity, we could say that today’s news couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, but let’s be honest, female heroes and villains have been on an upswing in the comic book medium in recent years – it’s just that the perfect storm that’s happened to come together certainly helped matters.

What’s more is that we should all be amazed by how the collectibles market is influencing what we read. A few years back, the Bombshells line of statues floored everybody, providing much inspiration for the cosplay community and later spawning its own comic. More recently, we received word that the journey would continue with Bombshells United, which was great and all, but I was really expecting Gotham City Garage to have followed suit. Funnily enough, DC was planning such a title, but had yet to announce it.

As it turns out, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly will co-write the digital first series “that follows a diverse group of rebels with one cause: freedom for all.” So, if you love superheroes and also happen to dig motorcycles and hot rods, then this may very well be a must read.

Aside from seeing new takes on the likes of Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Big Barda, Steel, Silver Banshee and Hawkgirl, you have to admit that the synopsis paints the picture of what could be one of this summer’s most intriguing launches:

It’s been a decade since Governor Lex Luthor saved his people from devastation and turned Gotham City into the modern utopia known as The Garden. With the rest of the world in ruins, Luthor’s city continues to thrive—but not for everyone. Order has been kept only by the LEXES technology that networks the entire population under one mindset—and if a citizen steps out of line, the Bat and his minions are brutal in restoring the status quo. So when a young Kara Gordon comes under suspicion by her LEXES superiors, she heads straight into the dreaded wasteland—where she’ll discover the fierce oil-and-gear rebels of the Gotham City Garage.

Keep in mind that this mysterious Kara Gordon is, according to Collin Kelly himself, “the first Kryptonian this world has ever seen.” Having now been imbued with that knowledge, it’s hard to deny the appeal of this series increases by the minute.

Joining the writing duo will be rotating artists Brian Ching (Supergirl) and Lynne Yoshii of the DC Talent Development Workshop. Rafael Albuquerque will cover the first issue, with Dan Panosian providing the variant that can be seen below.

Gotham City Garage debuts August 16, with a new chapter released biweekly through October 2017 and weekly thereafter, with print issues available in October.