Gothfield creator ‘honored’ by sexy-goth-Garfield meme’s popularity

If you’re not familiar, Gothfield is the meme sensation that reimagines Garfield the cat as a curvy femme goth.

On Thursday, we brought you the story taking a cursory look at the trend that was all the rage on Twitter. However, there was something we missed in our coverage.

Many Twitter users online pointed out to us that the original creator of the meme, who goes by the handle @pupkittyfan1 or simply Puppychan on the social media website, wasn’t acknowledged in the article.

We’re returning to the subject of this strange meme for a follow-up to give credit where credit is due. Behold, the post from this past Sunday that birthed a thousand memes.

We wanted to confirm with the Twitter user that they were in fact the progenitor of the meme, as confirmed by Puppychan in an exclusive interview. The artist, who identified as Black and trans/non-binary, said they were inspired by many fem drawings of Garfield already circulating online.

“I added a twist, ‘what if she was goth’ it was the complete opposite of the calm laid back lazy Garfield,” Puppychan told WGTC.

The drawing they put up online was well received, the artist explained, with one user even suggesting the name “Gothfield” in the comments.

“I went along with it, starting the hashtag as a Lil joke between my following, but soon, it became out of my circle,” the artist explained.

“I feel honored by this all,” the artist said of the popularity of the meme.

Puppychan went on to explain that they were excited at first, with so many people participating in the fun and friends messaging them to joke about it.

“[I] was just like ‘wow, I just created the worst thing ever, and people like it’!”

However, the artist went on to say that they “felt a little sad because a lot of bigger ppl were getting in on the meme without being aware I created it, it [hurt] a little but that’s ok.”

Before now, the artist was mostly known for drawings and comics of their character, Puppy. Puppychan even gave us permission to share some of that artwork for your viewing pleasure.

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