Grant Morrison Announces Arkham Asylum 2 And Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume Two At SDCC

Despite having most of 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con ahead of us, DC certainly hasn’t wasted any time making big announcements. In fact, two were made just yesterday when one of the most imaginative writers around, Grant Morrison, crashed the “Meet the Publishers” panel and announced sequels to some of his most well-known works, those being Arkham Asylum 2 and Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume Two.

First, let’s talk about his next Wonder Woman tale that’s following up on its 2016 predecessor since it’s fresher in everyone’s minds. According to the superstar scribe, this’ll be “the story’s Empire Strikes Back,” which makes sense since the first volume focused largely on Diana’s origin, and that we’re to expect Amazons vs. Nazis.

And thanks to a gallery containing the first publicly disclosed interiors provided by a returning Yanick Paquette (via DC’s press blog), we’re given a hint of what that’ll look like, in addition to Wonder Woman playing baseball and apparently reuniting with Steve Trevor. Unfortunately, no release date has been given for the second volume, but knowing how Green Lantern: Earth One is set to arrive in early 2018, hopefully that means the wait for this one won’t be too long.

As for the other reveal, well, that’s the one that came as a real shock to me because I never expected Morrison to revisit the Arkham Asylum material, even though the 1989 original graphic novel is what put him on the map. But, considering how DC recently threequel-ized Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, none of us should be too surprised once we take a moment to process it.

Not too much has been divulged thus far regarding this particular project, but (thanks to CBR) it is known that artist Chris Burnham will be reuniting with Morrison, hoping to recapture the magic from their Batman Incorporated days. When it comes to the plot, though, that’s where it gets really exciting because this isn’t a straight up sequel to A Serious House on Serious Earth, but rather, a return to the world of Batman #666.

For those unfamiliar, that was a special issue in which Morrison and Andy Kubert introduced the concept of a future that sees Damian Wayne inherit the mantle of the Batman – and he’s quite ruthless. In the time since, Kubert went on to write and draw a miniseries of his own – Damian: Son of Batman – so we’ll have to wait and see if Arkham Asylum 2 ties into that or is its own thing.