Harley Quinn Plays At Being A Superhero In This Week’s Issue

If you’re a fan of the currently ongoing Harley Quinn series who also follows advance solicits, you too were probably wondering whatever became of the “Red Meat” storyline. When you’ve paid attention to the comic book industry as closely as I have for so long, you come to realize that arcs can often be scrapped for various reasons, be they editorial or the creators just don’t think they’re working as well as originally intended.

Those of you who regularly follow our reviews here at WGTC may remember that I didn’t exactly have the highest opinion of the previous issue due to so many separate plots being juggled. It’s very possible that the content was rushed in order to meet a deadline. And don’t forget that Paul Dini will soon be contributing backup stories to this title, so I’m guessing that DC wants nothing to delay that.

As it turns out, four plot threads are explored in this week’s offering, but one could say that had this been a film, it’s “cut better” and therefore makes for a better read. Furthermore, those who enjoyed the Harley Quinn and Power Girl miniseries will definitely want to check out this one. Or, if you just like seeing Harley pretend she’s a superhero, that may be motivation enough.

On the plus side, the Harley/Power Girl/Atlee team-up takes up most of the page count as the titular character also picks apart the logic of Zorcrom’s plan for world domination. As humorous as it may be, many valid points are made because she repeatedly asks the ever appropriate “and then what?” when it comes to the notions of wiping out an entire planet’s population or enslaving it.

So, if you thought this series hit a minor speedbump a few weeks back, you may still want to pick up Harley Quinn #15, which is now available in comic shops.