Here’s When We’ll Learn What Led To Thor Being Deemed Unworthy In The Marvel Universe

Unworthy Thor

During the events of Original Sin way back in 2014, Nick Fury whispered something in Thor‘s ear which led to him being deemed unworthy to lift Mjolnir. We never learned what that was, but with the former God of Thunder currently on the hunt for a new magic hammer to wield, it appears as if answers are finally right around the corner.

At the end of The Unworthy Thor #4, the hero finally got his hands on the Mjolnir once held by the Ultimate Thor and will seemingly be able to go back to his old self despite Jane Foster taking over for him. Confirming that answers about the aforementioned whisper are coming in March’s The Unworthy Thor #5, writer Jason Aaron had this to say about how we should expect the revelation to shake things up.

“I always said we’d eventually find out just exactly what Nick Fury whispered to Thor Odinson that made him unworthy. The words have been scribbled in my trusty Thor notebook for years now. Words that speak to the overall story I’ve been telling with this character going back to Thor: God of Thunder #1. The next phase of that story begins now.”

The story is set to wrap up with a fight between Thor and Thanos along with this big reveal, and while Aaron was unwilling to give away any specifics, editor Will Moss shed some light on just how important this revelation is going to be to the overall mythos and what the writer has planned.

“I remember when Jason told me what it was that Nick Fury whispered, it just felt so satisfying – like, it’s definitely a big curveball, but it feels so organic to Jason’s overall larger Thor story – it feels earned. If you’re looking for some insight into who Thor Odinson is as a character and if you’re looking for a sense of where Jason is going to take things from here (both with Odinson and with Jane – and with all Ten Realms!), then brace yourself, ‘cause this secret hits harder than Mjolnir.”

Marvel has had mixed results with big status quo changing stories in recent years, so it’s going to be very interesting seeing how this reveal is handled and whether it’ll be satisfying for fans or something which ultimately ends up upsetting them and adding to the company’s long list of problems.

Either way, this is something which is long overdue and it promises to be an exciting twist for Thor regardless of whatever that whisper involved.