Heroes Revolt In Secret Empire: Uprising

Although Marvel’s next major crossover event, Secret Empire, has yet to officially kickoff, advance solicits have let us know that it won’t be long before Steve Rogers’ affiliation with Hydra becomes public knowledge, effectively causing the you-know-what to hit the fan with a vengeance.

As can be expected, the heroes of the Marvel Universe will unite at some point and, right now, it looks like the revolution will begin in the appropriately titled one-shot, Secret Empire: Uprising. Written by Derek Landy and illustrated by J. Cassara, it will see Black Widow draft the next generation of heroes into the coming war.

In case you were wondering, said heroes include: the younger Spider-Man, Miles Morales; the new Falcon, Joaquin Torres; the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho; Riri Williams AKA Ironheart; the Unstoppable Wasp, Nadia Pym; and the Vision’s daughter, Viv.

The creative team recently sat down with CBR to discuss what may very well be a turning of the tide, and Landy had this to say about the younger generation having to step up:

“These characters are Marvel’s new generation. For some of these characters, this will be the first time they take part in one of Marvel’s events. And most of them are pretty new to the superhero game. So to suddenly be standing side by side with the heroes that they had grown up with and toe-to-toe against the biggest hero of all is a rude introduction to the world of Marvel big events.

“They are really in the deep end here and they’re given an assignment that’s the complete opposite of the espionage, spy work, and black ops they’re expecting because they’re being trained by the master of all those disciplines, the Black Widow. So essentially they have to take what she’s teaching them and apply it to a most unusual situation where they don’t quite get to be as cool as James Bond, but they struggle on.”

Editor Alanna Smith chimed in to confirm that Uprising takes place between issues #3 & 4 of the main series:

“The way we’re building the one-shots for Secret Empire is that these are integral to the main story. So when you read Secret Empire #3, you’ll see the jumping off point where Uprising starts. You can go right from #3 to Uprising, and then Uprising tees up events that will happen later in the series. It’s really a critical part of reading this event.”

Secret Empire: Uprising is set to arrive in comic shops this June. In the meantime, you can check out Meghan Hetrick’s cover art below.