IDW Unites Every Major Ghostbusters Team For Huge Crossover Event


Who you gonna call? EVERYONE!

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly monumental crossovers that could only be made possible by the comic book medium. Really, with all the red tape surrounding the motion picture industry, where else could we have seen Batman battle the Predator, Archie meet the Punisher, and Sonic the Hedgehog collide with Mega Man?

Actually, one publisher that we owe a great debt of gratitude toward is that of IDW, whom, in recent years, have managed to team up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Batman and the Ghostbusters in two respective and distinctly different crossovers. But with the various major properties that IDW has licenses to, it’s only expected that they consistently give readers what they want.

But what makes the subject of today’s discussion intriguing is that it solely deals with the Ghostbusters. At first, you may question how one property alone can yield a crossover event, but it’s important we not forget how many iterations of the team have existed across various forms of media – and now they have the chance to interact with each other.

Here’s what series writer Erik Burnham had to say about the project, and regarding just who’ll be showing up:

“This story has something for everyone who has ever loved an iteration of the Ghostbusters. The Prime team from the original movies? There. The Real Ghostbusters? Present. The Extreme team? Accounted for. Not to mention the characters from the video games, the 2016 movie, and the originals we’ve created for the comics! If you don’t like one character, don’t worry, we have others! BUNCHES of others.”

Joining Burnham on creative duties will be Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado, with Joe Quinones, Schoening and Tim Lattie providing cover art. As for the plot itself, the following synopsis provides the initial details:

For a while now, the original Ghostbusters have had access to an interdimensional portal that has given them all-new ways to research the paranormal and consult with Ghostbusters throughout the multiverse. But when it unleashes the contents of the Ghostbusters’ Containment Unit,  it’s going to take a lot of Ghostbusters to recapture all the ghosts!

The first of Ghostbusters: Crossing Over‘s eight issues is set to arrive in comic shops in March of 2018.