Iron Fist #1 Retailer Exclusive Variant Covers Revealed

Knowing that Iron Fist’s popularity may very well hit the stratosphere once his Netflix series officially launches, Marvel is ready to capitalize on the character’s inevitable mainstream success by rolling out a new comic book series in a matter of weeks. Needless to say, that’s a pretty wise strategy.

As with any comic that garners a fair amount of attention, variant covers illustrated by some of the industry’s top names are often expected to be a part of the package. Just a couple months ago, we did indeed get a look at one for Iron Fist #1, but today we learn about a few more that diehard collectors won’t want to miss out on.

In recent memory, the retailer exclusive variant has become more and more commonplace. Not only does it give individual comic shops bragging rights that they have their own unique cover to sell, but it also translates to some very generous flips on auction sites.

Anyway, here are the following variants for the debut issue we’ve been afforded looks at (you can see them in the gallery at the top), along with which artists drew them and where you can find them:

  • Bill Sienkiewicz – Golden Apple WonderCon 2017
  • Gabriele Dell’Otto – Frankie’s Comics
  • J. Scott Campbell Venomized/Anti-Venomized – Midtown Comics
  • John Tyler Christopher – Fried Pie Variants
  • Mike McKone – Fan Expo Dallas
  • Ryan Stegman – The Hall of Comics/CBCS

As you can see, some of those will be available at conventions. So, if you happen to be traveling to one of those listed, you stand a good chance of snatching up at least one. But, no matter which option you elect, Iron Fist #1 will arrive in comic shops on March 22.