Marvel Comics Rebooting Iron Man And Redesigning His Suit


Legacy franchises are always looking for new ways to reinvigorate their worlds and characters, and Marvel is attempting to do that by going back to the beginning with Iron Man.

Marvel Comics is rebooting the hero’s saga with a brand new series and an updated suit design by legendary comic book artist and writer, Alex Ross. The run will be written by Christopher Cantwell (writer of the latest Doctor Doom arc) and will feature art by CAFU (from the ongoing Jane Foster: Valkyrie series).

Iron Man #1 is set to release in September and will mark Tony Stark’s return as Iron Man in the Marvel Comics universe. If you’ll recall, he was replaced by his adoptive brother, Arno Stark, as the new Iron Man in the current continuity. And that story’s pretty far removed from the MCU version of the character, with Tony attempting to lead a robot revolution advocating for AI free will. But the reboot promises to put “the man back in Iron Man” and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how this arc creates an origin story that feels fresh, because by now everyone’s more than familiar with the Armored Avenger’s roots in some form or other.

Ross is also designing a gorgeous wraparound cover for the series debut, which he posted on his Twitter account. Check it out in the gallery down below:

With the MCU planning to bring back the hero as well eventually, it sure sounds a lot like Tony Stark is going to be back in the spotlight again in a big way. And whatever the outcome is, I think fans will agree that more Iron Man is always a good thing – especially if that includes Robert Downey Jr. somehow reprising his role.

But tell us, what do you think of Marvel Comics’ plans for a reboot? As always, drop a comment down below with your thoughts.