Iron Man Writer Teases New Armor For Tony Stark


Since the turn of the century, there’ve been a number of writers to have come through the door at Marvel Comics, but even fewer who’ve left a definitive mark and been regarded as the more quintessential scribes associated with the brand. To name a handful, one can easily recall the likes of Brian Michael Bendis (though he’s now exclusive to DC), Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Jason Aaron and the stalwart we’re mentioning today, Dan Slott.

These days, Slott’s been given the keys to the kingdom when it comes to icons such as the Fantastic Four and old Shellhead, whose latest ongoing title has been dubbed Tony Stark: Iron Man. And as any True Believer would assume, the latter hero has been granted some new armored suits while under the watch of the current creative team.

Speaking of which, Dan recently teased yet another new rig to be worn by Stark that’s been designed by his partner in crime, artist Valerio Schiti, and can be viewed below. Yes, it’s merely a boot, but it’s better than nothing.

For more on this topic, you may want to check out what Slott had to say in the recent Facebook post that accompanied the above picture:

“The 2 weeks I was away, I wrote over a third of a future triple-sized FF issue. And the next Tony Stark: Iron Man issue. And, Dear God, within a day Valerio designed the suit of armor for it– and it is my FAVORITE suit of armor he’s come up with to date. I seriously want a toy of this!!! – Here, I’ll show you ONE boot. Because that doesn’t give anything away.”

While it remains to be seen if indeed this supposedly badass armor set to debut in a future installment of Tony Stark: Iron Man is worthy of being immortalized with an action figure, we imagine it’s not outside the realm of possibility if it looks cool enough and readers give enthusiastic responses.