Jaws Will Drop After Seeing The Final Page Of Free Comic Book Day: Secret Empire


In Secret Empire #0, we learned that in the Marvel Universe, the Nazis won the war and it was the Allies who used the Cosmic Cube to rewrite history. That was revelation number one, but the truth is that Captain America was always loyal to Hydra. The actions of the Allies changed his life and left him with false memories of the war until fate led to the Red Skull using Kobik (a living Cosmic Cube) not to change his history, but actually, restore it.

What this means is that Captain America has always been a villain. Now, as Secret Empire rolls on, he’ll be setting out to take over the Marvel Universe and the story looks set to continue next month in the Free Comic Book Day: Secret Empire special. That was shown to a select number of fans at C2E2 this past weekend and the final page has now leaked online as a result.

As you can see below, Steve Rogers will be shown wielding Mjolnir. Why the God of Thunder’s magic hammer would deem him worthy isn’t clear, but this is certainly a game changer and ensures that Captain America has some serious power behind him as he heads into this event and looks to take over the country.

We don’t know what this means for Thor just yet or how Captain America actually gets his hands on the hammer, but Secret Empire just got a whole lot more interesting, don’t you think?