Joker Helps Reform The Legion Of Doom This Summer In The Pages Of Justice League


While speculation continues regarding whether a live action version of the Legion of Doom will indeed be paid off in the DC Extended Universe, the comic books look to satisfy us long in advance of any silver screen adaptation. I mean, this concept is actually utilized quite sporadically, so heads are bound to turn when any variation of the gang comes together.

So, after incoming writer Scott Snyder relaunches the Justice League‘s flagship book and is able to explore the fallout from the No Justice miniseries, expect for him to gather some of DC’s deadliest villains under one umbrella. And what’s especially noteworthy in this case is that the lineup consists of the Joker, Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd and Cheetah.

Of course, this may not sound like a big deal to some, but it is when you factor in the Joker. More often than not, the Clown Prince of Crime isn’t invited to parties because he doesn’t play well with others. Really, if you require proof, just pick up some modern classics like Infinite Crisis or Justice in order to see for yourself.

Of course, Snyder is no stranger to writing for this wildest of cards, teasing us all with the following while recently speaking with CBR:

“He’s got a very dark role. As the series goes on, he actually becomes more and more important to the Legion, and Luthor’s reasons for picking him become more and more apparent. But! I didn’t want to sort of put him out there and have him be doing everything and use him really quickly in a big way. The Joker is an extremely special character to me. If I’m gonna put him on a team, I need him to have a very specific role.”

Justice League #5 banner

From the sound of it, Lex Luthor – who was actually a member of the Justice League itself in recent years, mind you – must have a good reason for taking such a risk. Furthermore, it should be intriguing to see why he’s combating his former teammates.

Snyder elaborated on the dynamic shared between the two icons, saying:

“Honestly, Luthor sees him as his partner on the team. Luthor has this vision all of a sudden of what we’re supposed to be as a species. What humans are supposed to be, what people are supposed to evolve into — he sees Joker as a great inspiration. Joker is almost a touchstone for (Lex) to go back and say, ‘Am I doing this right? Does this bring us closer to what we’re supposed to be?’ Joker gleefully plays that role.”

If you’re interested to see how this saga unfolds, be sure to pick up a copy of Justice League #5 when it arrives in comic shops this August.

Source: CBR