Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 To Get Second Print


It goes without saying that major crossover events are all the rage when it comes to DC and Marvel these days. Some argue that readers are suffering from event fatigue, which we won’t dispute has some validity to it. But, if so, why are books such as Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and Civil War II flying off shelves?

The answer is simple: When you keep up with more than one series from a given publisher, odds are that you’re “all in,” so to speak. Comic book collecting isn’t just a hobby for many – it becomes a way of life. As such, if you don’t keep up with the big crossovers, you feel as though you missed something important. And, to be quite honest, if you haven’t been keeping up with DC’s latest event, you are missing a hell of a lot, especially when you take into account that Steve Orlando’s Justice League of America book that launches in February spins directly out of it.

Given that, it comes as no surprise that the debut issue of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad will see a second print. Thankfully, it will sport different cover art, which comes courtesy of Jason Fabok. If it looks familiar to you, it should because it was previously seen on the cover of a recent issue of Previews that advance solicited the miniseries. If you missed out back then, you’ll now get a second chance to own an incredible rendition of Batman and Harley Quinn standing over their fallen cohorts.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1‘s reprint arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, January 18.