The Lost Boys #4 Will Make A Believer Out Of You


Anyone familiar with the cult classic film The Lost Boys can tell you that scene in which the oiled, saxophone playing muscleman covering “I Still Believe” on a carnival stage was arguably the most infamous. Even to this day, it remains the source for various GIFs and obscure pop culture references.

So, when rising star Tim Seeley (Nightwing) was announced to pen a direct sequel to the iconic 1980’s movie, I couldn’t help but take notice. Upon hearing the news, I casually joked that the miniseries had better include Tim Cappello, the aforementioned sax maniac. You can imagine my amusement then when he was not only incorporated into the book, but also became a pivotal character.

Known as “The Believer,” this mysterious musician with a love for fitness and a positive outlook on life happens to moonlight as vampire hunter (what else?).  The fact that the dialogue Seeley crafts for him is simultaneously tongue-in-cheek and works within the confines of the story itself makes this a must read for any fan of the Joel Schumacher-directed original. And if this fearless warrior can somehow slay a bloodsucker with nothing but a jazzy tune from his instrument of choice before the series concludes, I guarantee the trade paperback will proudly be placed on my mantle.

The Lost Boys #4 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, January 11. Before sinking your teeth into it, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

Star has rejoined the vampires, the Frog Brothers are M.I.A. and David’s kidnapped Michael to appease the Blood Belles. It looks like it’s up to Sam and the mysterious musical muscleman known as the Believer to save the day. Those dirty bloodsuckers better get ready for some sweet tunes!