Marvel Announces New Runaways Series


As of late, something that Marvel has especially excelled at has been that of making sure their properties enjoying small screen popularity have been getting the proper push in the comic book realm. With Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders each having new titles launching, it comes as no surprise that Runaways is poised to get similar treatment knowing that its Hulu series is on the way.

Having said that, it’s time we all get ready for Nico, Chase, Karolina, Molly, and Old Lace to once again join forces as the cult favorite team comprised of supervillain progeny comes to us by way of writer Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park, Carry On) and Kris Anka (All-New X-Men, Star-Lord). And, from the sound of it, the award-winning author has what it takes to keep readers on the edge of their seats:

“The Runaways are down on their luck at the beginning of this story. I mean, a fair number of them are missing or dead… And the ones who are still standing feel lost. After their parents died in the original series, all they had was each other. What do they have now? Who are they on their own? This story brings the gang back together, but – in true RUNAWAYS fashion – probably not the way you’d expect.”

“Chase makes a huge mistake – and then immediately drags Nico into his mess. This whole arc explores what it actually means to be a Runaway. Are they a team? Are they a family? Do they have any reason to get back together?”

Runaways #1 is scheduled to arrive in comic shops this September. For more, be sure to peruse the teasers in the gallery at the top.

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