Marvel celebrating Spider-Man’s 60th birthday in style with star-studded ‘Amazing Fantasy’ #1000′

2022 marks a major milestone for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as this year serves as the 60th anniversary since Peter Parker was first bitten by that pesky radioactive spider in Amazing Fantasy #15, launching one of pop culture’s most enduring heroes in the process. To celebrate the occasion, Marvel Comics has announced it’s bringing back the Amazing Fantasy title for a giant-sized special coming this summer.

As per, Amazing Fantasy #1000 comprises a collection of stories that explore the webslinger’s past and future in tales that leave a profound impact on the Spider-Man mythos and showcase why he’s one of the most beloved heroes in history. The one-shot features contributions from many of the biggest names in Marvel Comics, as well as a couple of surprise guest stars. Namely, Neil Gaiman — making his grand return to the House of Ideas — and Armando Ianucci (Emmy-winning creator of TV’s Veep), in his comics debut.

Check out the eye-popping cover from Spider-Man veteran John Romita Jr. below:

Elsewhere, Dan Slott and Jim Cheung team up to explore the enduring love between Peter and Mary Jane Watson in a story set in the far future. Meanwhile, Antony Falcone and Michael Cho introduce a new foe for the wallcrawler, and Ho Che Anderson offers a horror-infused adventure that cuts to Peter’s core. Industry heavyweights like Kurt Busiek, Jonathan Hickman, Terry Dodson, Olivier Coipel, and Rainbow Rowell are also on board for the party.

“It’s Spider-Man’s 60th and we wanted to celebrate in style by inviting some of the greatest creative minds in the world to celebrate it!” said Editor Nick Lowe in response to the announcement.

Amazing Fantasy #1000 follows the mainline Amazing Spider-Man title being relaunched with issue #1 this past April. Look out for the giant-sized special when it swings into stores and on digital this August.

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