Marvel Comics May Have Just Introduced Wolverine’s Daughter


If I were to ask you the name of Wolverine’s daughter, odds are you’d quickly respond with either “X-23” or her everyday name of “Laura Kinney.” After having been originally introduced on the X-Men: Evolution animated series, this character proved popular enough to be integrated into comics canon. And later on down the line, she even featured in the major motion picture, Logan.

Well, if recent events wind up going in the direction it appears they’ll head, then another gal’s name will become an acceptable response (though you may already split hairs over Amiko Kobayashi). Before I lay it out, know that it remains to be seen if the focus of today’s conversation is a clone like X-23, or actually happens to be the biological daughter of Wolverine.

You see, in Marvel Comics Presents #6, the X-Men lineup from the 1990s found themselves facing a demon known as the Truth, a being whom Logan must contend with every 20 or so years. If the titular creature from the Jeepers Creepers movies seems like an apt analog, then feel free to make that connection in your mind.

But here’s the kicker: the Truth gets stronger with each person killed and must be banished upon his arrival. Coming through with the save was none other than a mysterious young woman who managed to get the job done in the nick of time. When asked who she is, Wolverine simply responded with: “I don’t know Colossus, but I’m pretty sure she’s my daughter.”

Considering how that line was delivered as part of a cliffhanger, it’s fair to assume there’s much more to this story. Needless to say, this unfolding situation is something True Believers should probably keep an eye on. As such, you may be well advised to pick up a copy of the issue while the first printing remains on stands if indeed this is a key first appearance.

Marvel Comics Presents #6 is now available in comic shops.