Marvel Comics Reveals First Look At The New Wolverine Series


With Dawn of X launching a new line of X-Men books, it only makes sense that a Wolverine solo title be among those. In fact, it’ll stand alongside the likes of Giant-Size X-Men, X-Men/Fantastic Four and X-Corp as part of the second wave. Not too shabby, if I must say so myself.

To some, this is long overdue, as Wolverine himself hasn’t headlined an ongoing book in quite some time. Oh yeah, there’ve been Old Man Logan and All-New Wolverine (starring X-23) in the time since Death of Wolverine was published, but those aren’t quite the same as reading the adventures of the original icon.

Having been formally announced at New York Comic Con earlier this month, the new series will be written by the one and only Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow, X-Force), and illustrated by rotating artists Adam Kubert (Ultimate X-Men, The Incredible Hulk) and Victor Bogdonavic (New Super-Man, The Silencer). And thanks to Marvel, we’re now able to peep some interior art in the gallery below.

Taking into account how we’re still months away from this bad boy hitting shelves, it’s no wonder that these preview images remain uncolored and unlettered. Still, it looks like the book is coming long rather well, and one can only ponder how truly gorgeous – and savage – the end result will be.

For more, let’s take a look back on what Percy had to say concerning his latest endeavor at NYCC:

“We all have that character. The one we love more than any other. The one we treasure in books and movies and maybe memorialize with a T-shirt or tattoo. The one we relate to as a cracked-mirror version of ourselves. For me — as a growly, grumpy, hairy, smelly, muscled, flannel-clad, whiskey-swilling loner who lives in the woods of the frozen north — it’s Logan. And though this might sound corny, it also feels right to say that writing Wolverine is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy realized. No kidding, bub.”

Wolverine #1 arrives in comic shops in February of 2020.