Marvel Hails Hydra With New Captain America: Steve Rogers Trailer


Without a doubt, Marvel made what was possibly the most controversial move in all of comics in 2016 when the incorruptible was corrupted in the pages of Captain America: Steve Rogers. After all, an American icon was revealed to be an agent of Hydra, albeit due to the convoluted machinations of the Red Skull. Still, it touched a nerve with many True Believers.

Regardless of how you may personally feel about these happenings, you must admit that Marvel excels at promoting its work no matter what medium it may be. As such, they’ve put together a trailer advertising the seventh and eight issues of this provocative series. It’s basically the comic book equivalent of a “previously on” reel that you’d see at the beginning of a serialized TV show, summarizing the series as a whole up to this point while also enticing readers to come back for more.

In addition to the promo video above, Marvel has also provided an official synopsis:

As Hydra’s tentacles slowly tighten around the Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers machinations are just beginning! S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming apart at the seams. The Red Skull marches across Europe with an army at his back. Captain America can only sit back and smile – everything is going according to plan. But what is his mysterious endgame? The pieces are falling in to place, be there for the next shocking chapter!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #7 & 8 are now available in comic shops everywhere. You can check out the cover art for both issues below.