Marvel And IDW Join Forces To Present Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Like Never Before


It’s quite pleasing to see that the legacy of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby lives on. In addition to DC’s in progress maxiseries, The Kamandi Challenge, and Greater Creators devoting an episode of their web series to “The King,” IDW has partnered with Marvel in order to bring yet another special reprinting to consumers in the form of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Artist’s Edition.

Despite them unfortunately not currently having a place in the Marvel Universe (the finer points of Disney and Fox not getting along is a discussion for another day), it’s important to realize none of what we have today would’ve existed without the publisher’s “First Family.” In short, Kirby and Stan Lee’s enduring classic revolutionized an industry as a whole, a notion thankfully not lost on Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing, David Gabriel:

“Kirby’s artistic style will always be synonymous with the Fantastic Four. It’s an honor to continue working with IDW to celebrate Jack’s artwork with Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Artist’s Edition.”

Totalling 168 pages and measuring an impressive 15” x 22”— the same size as Kirby’s original art — unforgettable Fantastic Four tales set to be compiled into this tome include: issue #33 (“Side-by-Side With the Sub-Mariner”), #45 (“Among Us Hide… the Inhumans!”), #47 (“Beware the Hidden Land!”) and #60 (“The Peril and the Power!”), the fourth of which saw Doctor Doom pilfer the Silver Surfer’s board.

In addition to that, Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Artist’s Edition will also include 22 classic covers, pin-ups, splashes and interiors going back to Fantastic Four #3. Should this book interest you, be sure to keep your eyes peeled when it arrives in stores this July.