Marvel To Offer $1 Reprints Of Classic Spider-Man Stories This Summer

Despite many of us boasting some impressive comic book collections that no doubt contain first appearances and other key occurrences, it’s probably safe to say that the debuts of longstanding characters such as Spider-Man, Batman and Superman will elude us in our lifetime – well, at least the original printings, that is.

Luckily, reprints sometimes hit the market that allow us to own a small piece of history, even if it’s not worth thousands of dollars. And with Spider-Man: Homecoming poised to take the box office by storm this July, Marvel has wisely decided to recirculate some of the wallcrawler’s most sought after adventures. Priced at only one dollar, the latest additions to the “True Believers” line allow you to add key “#1’s” to your collection, or allow you to sample the beginnings of certain story arcs without having to go all in on a trade paperback.

Here’s what’ll hit shelves on June 28:

  • True Believers: Amazing Spider-Man: Reprints Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #1, the first solo series starring this timeless icon.
  • True Believers: Miles Morales, Spider-Man #1: Although it’s not exactly something from the Ultimate Universe, new readers can enjoy Spider-Man (2016) #1 and be introduced to Miles before his big screen animated debut.
  • True Believers: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #1: Dusts off the 1976 series that was one of the first to refer to ol’ Webhead by an adjective other than “amazing.”

The next batch will arrive on July 5:

  • True Believers: Spider-Man #1: For the Todd McFarlane fans out there, this cover from 1990 is a must own.
  • True Believers: Amazing Fantasy Starring Spider-Man #1: If there’s any one issue to own out of this bunch, it’s this one that collects Peter’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15, in addition to Spidey (2015) #6.
  • True Believers: Spider-Man: Brand New Day #1: Reprints Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #546, the kickoff to one of the most controversial storylines Marvel published in this century.

Tell us, do you plan on picking up any of these Spider-Man reprints? Or, are you fortunate enough to own any of the originals? Let us know in the usual place below!