Marvel Offers First Look At Daredevil #17

Although Daredevil may not have billion dollar box office grosses under his belt as Captain America or Iron Man do, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of Marvel’s oldest and most beloved characters. In addition to dazzling fans with his Netflix series, his recent comic book adventures have intrigued many, thanks to superstar writer Charles Soule.

Being a lawyer himself, Soule is no doubt a perfect choice to write for ol’ Hornhead. Having taken the character back to his roots after the wildly popular and adventurous Mark Waid run, various traditional aspects have been restored such as Matt Murdock once again having a secret identity.

For some characters, like Tony Stark, having their identity out in the open works. For others, it’s hard to imagine otherwise, an example of that being the infamous Superman/Clark Kent dichotomy. Personally, I think Murdock works better as the latter, especially when you consider that he has a day job that doesn’t involve high technology.

Thanks to Marvel, we’ve now been graced with an unlettered preview of the very issue that kicks off the arc that will detail how Murdock regained having a secret identity. After you peruse the gallery above, be sure to check out a synopsis below:

Just how did Daredevil regain his secret identity?! At last, the story fans have been asking about will be revealed! It all kicks off this February in DAREDEVIL #17, the first chapter in a brand-new story arc! Blockbuster creators Charles Soule and Ron Garney gear up to tell the story that’s been on everyone’s minds since their very first page! It’s no secret that Matt Murdock is the man under the Daredevil mask. He admitted it to the world a long time ago. But what if you could put the genie back in the bottle? What if you could protect the loved ones you put in harm’s way? Only, if he wants to regain his anonymity…it’s going to cost him. What price did Matt Murdock pay to make his identity secret once more? Who got left behind in the process?

Daredevil #17 arrives in comic shops on February 15.