Marvel Offers First Look Inside Deadpool: Bad Blood

Earlier this week, word came down concerning some of the first details surrounding Deadpool: Bad Blood, an original graphic novel co-written and illustrated by none other than Rob Liefeld (Chris Sims and Chad Bowers will be joining him), the very man who created the Merc with a Mouth.

Since then, Marvel has afforded a little more information, including an unlettered gallery that can be viewed at the top. In it, we’re teased with some dynamic action sequences and layouts, along with an appearance by Cable. I guess Liefeld and company had the good foresight to include both him and Domino, knowing that those characters will be featured in the Deadpool 2 film. And, well, the fact that they’re both synonymous with Wade Wilson might’ve also had something to do with it.

When it comes to the story itself, it looks like we can expect the titular anti-hero to meet Thumper, a new villain who apparently has ties to his past. Luckily, we haven’t been left completely in the dark, as Liefeld had this to say about the antagonist in a recent interview with

“Well I don’t want to reveal too much, but Thumper is a character from Deadpool’s past that has a shared backstory and where they split and where they come together is a major part of the story. I really want to give the character something that resonates with the reader. With Thumper, this is your introduction to him and his story and oh man the last quarter of the book I really feel like we nailed the journey. Two of the goals given this format, stems from how I was raised in a time where treasury editions were a big deal, Marvel did a lot of them, co-published with DC two of my favorites being HULK/BATMAN and SUPERMAN/SPIDER-MAN; they went bigger with the action and bigger with the detail and thinking of those treasury editions I wanted to go bigger with both in this format as well. It’s a fun journey, a lot of familiar faces and some new faces are in the issue.”

Deadpool: Bad Blood is set to arrive on May 17.