Marvel Paints It Black With Venomverse

As comic book fans, we sometimes come across stories that seem quite absurd in premise, yet manage to be so cool that we can’t pass them up. Such is the case with Venomverse, an upcoming event series that’ll see characters such as Deadpool, Mary Jane, Old Man Logan, Black Panther, Gwenpool, Rocket Raccoon and even Ghost Rider being some of the many Marvel characters to bond with a symbiote.

Quite frankly, it comes as no surprise that the House of Ideas would green light such an ambitious story given that Venom will soon be the talk of the town once the motion picture starring Tom Hardy graces cinemas late next year. There’s also the fact that Eddie Brock recently returned in all his glory, so there couldn’t be a more opportune time.

While there hasn’t been very much divulged regarding the plot, we can expect antagonists to arise in the form of the Poisons, which editor Devin Lewis describes as “nature’s answer to the symbiotes.” Fortunately, writer Cullen Bunn had this to tease:

“There are definitely some horrific moments in this series, not just the gross-out or the jump scare. I think there’s some real emotional horror aspects to this story. The threat they’re dealing with has some pretty strong horror chops. For me, just because we’re dealing with the symbiotes in general, there’s a heavy science fiction element to this story. It’s heavily rooted in some sci-fi horror inspiration.”

Although Venomverse #1 won’t arrive in comic shops until September, you can sate your appetite on June 28 with Edge of Venomverse #1, which looks to be the vanguard of a slew of tie-ins.

Source: Nerdist