Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer For Generations


Being a lifelong reader of comic books, it’s become apparent to me that it may be home to an area of fandom that is most hesitant to change. Although I personally have welcomed such creative moves as having Dick Grayson donning the Batman costume or Bucky Barnes inheriting the mantle of Captain America, I fully understand why others may not. After all, it’s pretty easy for folks to get attached to the likes of Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers after those characters have been around for decades upon decades.

In recent years, Marvel has fearlessly gone in many bold directions, to say the least. In doing so, they’ve created a bit of a divide by making Jane Foster the new Thor or by allowing X-23 to take Logan’s place as Wolverine. Obviously, they knew not everyone would dig this, but some of these moves yielded pretty decent sales figures. That said, I think Generations is their way of saying “can’t we all just get along?”

As we learned not long ago, this series made up of 10 one-shots will unite heroes past and present who have taken up similar mantles. Examples of this would be the aforementioned Jane Foster fighting side by side with an Odinson in full Asgardian regalia, or Laura Kinney teaming up with a Logan who is still the best at what he does.

With its August kickoff approaching, Marvel has put out a cool little trailer for Generations, which editor-in-chief Axel Alonso says “springs out of a key moment in Secret Empire.” Actually, we got that idea when seeing the variant cover to the final issue, but his statement gives the impression that something pivotal may be occurring much sooner than that, so stay tuned.