Marvel Reveals Its New Avengers Lineup


In my time as a lover of comic books, one thing I’ve noticed that is sure to grab the attention of readers is whenever one of the big superhero teams undergoes a lineup change. In this case, it’s the Avengers, who’ll experience a facelift of sorts upon the launch of their new series.

Now, we did have an indication that a shift was coming about a month ago, but that painted a drastically different picture. And while we’re not sure of what the fallout of No Surrender may yield, tells us “the three Avengers teams that joined forces in that consolidated single series are pared down to the point that there are practically no Avengers left. This leaves a vacuum for this new Avengers team form.”

When it comes to the lineup we’re actually getting, expect the core of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to head it up. In addition to those heavy hitters, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel will also be taking part in the action, with Doctor Strange filling what we’re told will be a rotating slot.

As for the creative team, that’ll be composed of writer Jason Aaron (The Mighty Thor) and one of the most distinctive artists of our age, Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman). Really, if anyone is going to craft a great book, it’s these two guys.

As you may have noticed, the House of Ideas will be rolling the series back to #1 with this, but we’re not going to disagree with their decision to do so, despite their return to original numbering for the wealth of their enduring titles. To be honest, this makes perfect sense, as it gives curious new readers who may have just seen Infinity War a friendly jumping on point.

Avengers #1 arrives in comic shops this May, with 18 issues expected to ship each year.

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