Marvel Reveals Badass Variant Covers For The Return Of Wolverine


As you may be aware, Marvel kicked off their “Fresh Start” initiative not long ago, thus affording readers a variety of highly accessible jumping on points when it comes to enjoying tales featuring their favorite superheroes – or ones they’re just getting into.

Cool as those relaunched books may be, one guy in particular has been stealing a heck of a lot of thunder as of late. In short, it’s thanks to The Return of Wolverine that many True Believers may be overlooking some other options when it comes to writing up their pull lists. Hey, when one of the most iconic characters in all of fiction comes back from the dead, wouldn’t you naturally assume for at least a few people to take notice?

That said, there’s no surprise being shown on our end when it comes to the House of Ideas celebrating this momentous occasion with a variety of variant covers heralding the miniseries’ arrival. Really, if having Charles Soule penning yet another definitive story starring Logan weren’t enough, he’s being rejoined by superstar artist Steve McNiven!

Speaking of which, in addition to having McNiven provide the cover for the first issue, he’s also been tasked with turning in a few variants, each of which can be viewed in the accompanying gallery. So, if the modern costume isn’t quite to your liking, you can pick up a copy adorned by the Weapon X look or the brown and tan threads. Or, there’s Leinil Yu’s piece showing Wolvie escaping from his adamantium sarcophagus, if you dig that.

Let it also be known that other variant covers supplied by the likes of McNiven, Todd McFarlane, John Cassaday, John Tyler Christopher, Skottie Young and an artist yet to be named will also be available for purchase.

The Return of Wolverine #1 arrives in comic shops this September.