Marvel Reveals Plans For Monsters Unleashed Ongoing Series

Monsters Unleashed

Monsters were a big part of comic books in the Golden Age, but they’ve somewhat faded into the background since then. A bunch of them have still appeared over the years, though, and Marvel is now bringing them back in a big way with their Monsters Unleashed event series from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Steve McNiven.

While that’s already exciting in and of itself, we’re now hearing that the event series will be followed by an ongoing series which picks up directly after. Bunn will return on writing duties, and he’ll now be joined by artist David Baldeon.

From what we understand, Monsters Unleashed will continue to follow Kid Kaiju, a youngster with the ability to control many of these creatures. He’ll be joined by Else Bloodstone, and in a press release put out earlier today, Bunn had the following to say about exploring Kei Kawade’s abilities in an ongoing format:

“His powers are unlike anyone else’s. If you really think about it, he’s insanely powerful, with the potential to be a world-changer, but he’s just a kid. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see where his powers take him and how they grow over time.”

As for why readers should check out Monsters Unleashed, Bunn went on to explain the appeal of the title and how these iconic creatures could change the Marvel Universe as we know it.

“The focus is monsters and action and fun, but the book is important to the landscape of the Marvel Universe going forward. We’re introducing—and reintroducing—giant monsters to the world in a big way. And they’ll be a part of the world from this point forward.”

Monsters Unleashed kicked off on January 1st and the new ongoing series looks set to begin this April.

Monsters Unleashed