Marvel Finally Reveals The Most Powerful Mutant


The mythology surrounding mutantkind has grown across the history of Marvel Comics. Over time, the concept of Omega-level mutants has been introduced, a label given to only the absolute most powerful out there. In fact, a recent official list of Omegas included Magneto, Storm, Professor X and so on, but which is the single most powerful mutant of the lot?

A new Marvel comic has now revealed the answer and it might surprise you to know that it’s not even one of the X-Men. The revelation comes in History of the Marvel Universe #3, which is set in the dying days of Earth-616. It features Galactus, softened in his old age, reflecting on the past with Franklin Richards, son of his old enemies Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, who it turns out is immortal. In their conversation, the Devourer of Worlds confirms that Franklin is numero uno when it comes to mutant power levels, saying:

“Yours is a complex history unto its own, Franklin Richards,” Galactus says. “The most powerful mutant ever born. As I consume, so do you build.”

Anyone familiar with Franklin shouldn’t be too shocked by this fact. Though his parents’ elasticated skin and invisible abilities aren’t up there with the most powerful folks in the MU, Franklin was born a mutant with the skill to warp reality to his will, to the extent that he can create whole other pocket universes and even reshape the multiverse. He’s also capable of telekinses, telepathy, astral projection, etc. Clearly, no other mutants can touch him for sheer godlike power.

Marvel fans are speculating that the timing of this revelation that Franklin is the most powerful mutant could tie into Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch, which is focusing on the X-Men trying to get Omegas together on Krakoa. Cyclops has already tried to get Reed and Sue Richards to hand over their son but they refused. Will Franklin play a major role in the House of X storyline to come? Time will tell, but we can’t wait to find out.