Marvel Rumored To Bring Back Original Numbering For Top Titles Later This Year


Something that Marvel’s done in recent years amid mixed reactions is that of relaunching its line of titles on an annual basis. While this may provide good jumping on points for new readers, longtime fans have grown weary of this practice, citing that it’s taken the value out of the “#1.” Still, it looks like something is on the horizon once Secret Empire wraps in late summer or early fall, and it may not necessarily be what you’d expect.

According to Bleeding Cool, the publisher may very well announce the “Make Mine Marvel” initiative at Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend. As opposed to focusing on rolling back marquee titles to “#1,” the new strategy is to return longstanding series to original numbering. To be honest, we wouldn’t rule out a combination of the two, but it would likely please stalwart True Believers who agreed with DC’s decision to return both Action Comics and Detective Comics to their original numberings as part of Rebirth last summer.

While we’re taking this with a grain of salt, it’s worth pointing out that not only does Bleeding Cool have a good track record when it comes to inside scoops regarding the comic book industry, but also that by examining the current course of Marvel storylines, this all seems to add up.

Think about it: Very shortly, we’ll be finding out why Thor was unworthy of wielding Mjolnir, just in time for Thor #700 to ship later this year; Bruce Banner is rumored to once again be among the living soon enough, while we’re teased with an image of a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid; and a non-Hydra Captain America Steve Rogers is expected to come out the other end of Secret Empire. No matter how you slice it, all eyes will be on Marvel in the coming months.