Marvel Teases New X-Men Series With Old Man Logan And Archangel


With the rivalry between the X-Men and Inhumans set to wrap up this week, a new wave of exciting titles revolving around the mutant characters are on the way. Now, yet another one has been confirmed to be joining them as Marvel has offered a first look a mysterious comic coming to stores in June.

Revealing only that it’s the “series fans have been demanding,” we see the Old Man Logan version of Wolverine alongside Archangel. The rest of the characters are blacked out, though the artwork appears to have been handled by The Clone Conspiracy‘s Jim Cheung. He’s no stranger to the world of the X-Men and X-Force, so it’s hard not to wonder if we might be looking at a new iteration of the black ops team here. Current theories on social media point to Cable, Deadpool, and Fantomex possibly being among those hidden in shadow, but there’s obviously no way to know for sure at this stage.

There’s been a lot of talk of A-List writers and artists returning to Marvel this year and Rick Remender penning this possible X-Force series would certainly fit the bill of a comic book that fans have been “demanding.” Again, that’s just speculation and we really have no idea how this fits into Marvel’s plans for the X-Men moving forward. With any luck, they’ll reveal some more official details sooner rather than later.