Marvel Teases Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin: The Final Battle With New Trailer


If there’s any bragging right that Spider-Man can lay claim to, it’s that he boasts one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics. From Venom to Kraven the Hunter to Electro, there’s never been any shortage of badass villains for Peter Parker to combat.

But while the eternal debate as to whom our hero’s greatest nemesis may be rages on, we’re sure that many would concede in saying that it’s the Green Goblin, specifically that of Norman Osborn. Seriously, the two have warred against each other throughout a variety of media for the past five decades or so and, now, the House of Ideas seemingly looks to end the legendary rivalry with a bang.

Set to unfold within the pages of the wallcrawler’s flagship title, Amazing Spider-Man, “Go Down Swinging” just so happens to be the next epic coming to us by way of the superstar creative team that is writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen.

Right now, Marvel is playing it close to the vest, but here’s what editor Nick Lowe had to offer about what’s to come:

“The last time we saw the Green Goblin was in ‘Goblin Nation’ at the culmination of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. You’d almost think that was the biggest Green Goblin story Dan Slott had in him. You’d be wrong. And make sure you watch to the end of the trailer!”

Speaking of which, the end of said trailer (seen at the top) teases the arrival of the Red Goblin, whom we imagine will be the talk of the town come next spring. Slated to kickoff in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #797 in March of 2018, one can’t help but assume this’ll culminate in an explosive 800th issue shortly thereafter, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all major developments.