Marvel’s Latest What If…? Tease Blows Up Online

We soon may be getting a Miles Morales Wolverine — in comic form anyway — if Marvel has their way.

The news comes to us from Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter account, which shared the image of what appeared to be a remixed version of the rapidly-healing mutant if he were Miles Morales from Brooklyn instead of the Canadian we know to be the hero, James “Logan” Howlett.

The image is in apparent promotion of an upcoming What If…? comic coming in 2022.

We’ll admit the presumption of this being a Miles Morales X Wolverine crossover is based on the character’s appearance resembling Morales, complete with what may well be one of his signature hoodies, and sprouting four metal claws on each hand. The character is also sporting Morale’s preferred color pallet of black and red. While this being a Miles Morales Wolverine is probably a safe assumption to make, the rather cryptic caption doesn’t outright confirm it, so it’s possible this is another character who is a person of color.

Furthermore, who’s to say if this is an alternative origin story for Morales only or if he and Logan will be swapping powers in this universe. It’d certainly be interesting to see how the short-tempered and short-statured Logan would handle learning to swing through the skyscraper corridors of New York City, for instance, if that’s the case.

While some were excited at this prospective character, others were decidedly confused, for instance at why this version of Wolverine had four claws instead of three.

There were a lot of defenders of the move, however, with some saying people’s negative responses were unwarranted, given the fact that the series is based off of the premise of slightly remixing the origin of characters we’re already familiar with.

This newly teased Marvel What If…? comic hits bookshelves in March 2022.