Mary Jane Watson Is Transformed Into A Variety Of Marvel Heroes On New Variant Covers

Mary Jane Watson was Peter Parker’s wife for a long time, but she’s never shied away from taking on a more action orientated role in the Marvel Universe. Whether it’s donning Iron Man’s armour or confronting the likes of Green Goblin and Venom, the character has firmly established herself as quite the badass.

Now, to celebrate the launch of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1, Marvel has announced that they’ll be launching a series of Mary Jane-themed variant covers in June. These will be for pretty much every ongoing title you can think of and a selection of them have been revealed today.

The covers ask questions like what if Mary Jane had been awarded the Eye of Agamotto to become the new Doctor Strange? Or, what if she had taken up the one-woman war on crime as the Punisher? Or became infused with gamma radiation to become the new Incredible Hulk? Marvel answers all those and more with the covers in the gallery above.

While none of these should be taken as a sign that MJ will be suiting up any time soon, it’s hard not to wonder if the success of these covers might lead to a solo series of some sort. That could have some potential, but in the meantime, these variant covers are definitely a lot of fun for fans and certainly one of the cooler publicity stunts that Marvel has done.