New Captain Marvel Featurette Takes Us To A “Wild City”


In order to celebrate its new series, The Mighty Captain Marvel, the House of Ideas has just released a cool new video bringing readers up to speed in a matter of minutes. Somewhat similar to its Marvel 101 web series, this “Alien Nation” clip is a bit more entertaining in its presentation as writer Margaret Stohl (Black Widow: Forever Red, Black Widow: Red Vengeance) and editor Sana Amanat sum up the history of Captain Marvel in a nutshell – and we’re not just talking about Carol Danvers.

Although, considering she’s getting her first feature film starring Brie Larson in the not too distant future, Carol is understandably the primary focus here. Aside from the usual round of superheroics, it should be quite interesting to see how Stohl adapts her to living in a post-Civil War II world.

As I mentioned earlier, Marvel upped the entertainment factor with this one, adding music courtesy of The Pretty Reckless, specifically “Wild City.” It’s comforting to know the song choice wasn’t random and the band’s singer, Taylor Momsen, is actually a fan and had this to say:

“Everyone wishes they had superpowers. I always wanted to be Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). I even tried to look like her when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I don’t have Kree genetics so, the best alternative to being the most powerful female superhero, was to be a rock star. Now that our song is being combined with Captain Marvel, I’m as close as I can be in the real world.”

The Mighty Captain Marvel #0 & 1 are now available in comic shops.